Ater · 02 – Descending (Ted Jensen Master)

Meaning of ATER:
Ater – Latin adjective

1. Dull black (as opposed to niger, shining black); dark
2. Gloomy, sad, dismal, unlucky
3. (poetic, rare) malevolent
4. (poetic) obscure

ATER was born in Santiago, Chile, in 2014, out of the mind of Fernando “Feroz” Bühring @fernando.ater.

After several years of experimentation, ATER’s debut album “Eternal Gray Spiral” was conceived. Recorded in his home studio in Santiago, “Feroz” then relocated to Los Angeles, California, where the mix was finished, and finally, the album was self-released in January 2018.

Soon after the debut album was released, ATER was joined by the talents of Josh “Sol” Seguin and Stephan “Kalani” Seguin, playing guitar and drums, respectively. This marks a turning point for the band, now becoming able to perform live and to include vocals in the music, moving away from being an instrumental project into becoming a full band. They immediately start playing local shows in the LA Metal scene, quickly creating a buzz.

With a full lineup and new possibilities, “Feroz” and the Seguin brothers begin further experimentation in the writing process, evolving the sound to new musical frontiers.

With a new vision, Fernando leads the composing process, combining sounds from Black and Death Metal to Progressive and Heavy Meshuggah-inspired syncopated grooves.

Pushing the boundaries of the instrumentation by bringing the tuning down to low earth-shattering frequencies, all topped with demented-sounding low growl vocals, reminiscent of bands like Septicflesh, Hate and Belphegor, plus the addition of melodic, clean harmonized vocal parts, creating a unique sound with much more identity and projection than previous material.

Tagged by fans —who already have seen them live— as “Blackened Thall,” the new album “SOMBER” can be described as one of the heaviest, darkest and most extreme works ever created in Metal. Every song on the album carries a story, creating an immersive experience for the listener from beginning to end, thanks to the album’s clever songwriting and structuring.

ATER’s sophomore album “SOMBER” is ready to see the light in 2023. Working with renowned artist Erik Burton Kirchner, the album artwork portrays the darkness of the music and brings the entire work to new heights.

Artwork for ATER’s sophomore album SOMBER